Posted June 22, 2015

New Dynapac CT3000 Compactor

Atlas Copco's new  Dynapac CT3000 tamping compactor efficiently achieves specified densities on cohesive and semi-cohesive soils while providing operator comfort and minimizing wear. The CT3000’s padfoot drums are mounted on rubber tires to effectively absorb impacts, which minimizes wear on the drum and vibrations to the operator platform.

AC Dynapac CT3000The roller  offers high production rates – as much as 900 cubic yards per hour, so it’s ideal for large-volume earthwork projects, such as highways, dams and airport runways. Powered by a Cummins QSB 6.7 Tier 4 Final engine, which offers low fuel consumption, it uses a 4-speed automatic transmission with all-wheel traction for high productivity.

The front oscillating axle works independently of the optional strike-off blade and the rigid rear axle. This enables the blade to work in a permanently level position and ensures uniform distribution of soil on any type of terrain. The square pads of the compacting drums produce the optimal amount of force to ensure uniform compaction density.

The CT3000 drums are unaligned, which allows the rear drum to compact areas that have not been compacted by the front drum, covering a larger area in fewer passes. The compactor  features hydrostatic steering that allows contractors to turn at angles as sharp as 40 degrees in either direction, a turning radius of less than 21 feet, and speeds up to 12 mph for fast, efficient compaction.

The  platform has operator-friendly controls, a swivel seat for visibility, and variable suspension for a comfortable ride. The control console gives the operator easy access to all functions and a clear view of the LED panel displaying machine information. Additional  safety features include a low center of gravity to ensure stability, and two brake systems – a service brake with an independent double circuit that acts on all four drums, and a parking brake that acts on the transmission.

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