Posted June 20, 2016

Easy Lift Introduces New "Ultra-Compact" Lift

Easy Lift launched its new 50-23AJ as an "ultra-compact" lift that can access tight spaces. With the carriage retracted, the lift is 31.5 inches wide.The lift offers a working height of 50 feet with a full-height basket capacity of 507 pounds. 

Easy Lift 50-23AJThe double-pantograph lower boom offers greater up and over possibilities with an unrestricted 23-feet of outreach with full basket capacity. Standard features are wired remote control (start/stop, drive, outriggers, self-stabilization), short overall length of 12-feet, 6-inches without basket and a low profile of 78 inches. When access allows, the hydraulic, variable-width carriage can move the tracks wider for increased stability and enhanced climbing capabilities.  

For final work zone positioning, the Easy Lift 50-23AJ also comes standard basket rotation, 5-foot jib and basket manual leveling live at full basket capacity. The live hydraulic levers at base and in the basket provide smooth and precise movements to operators. Also, like all Easy Lift models, standard air/water line from base to basket and AC GFI in basket will benefit operators for all sort of tasks.

Several power options are available: Honda gasoline/AC electric motor, Hatz diesel/AC electric motor, propane/AC electric motor, Lithium ion, gas/propane/AC electric motor and Lithium ion/gasoline/propane/AC electric motor. 

Several options are also available, including self-levelling outriggers, wireless remote control, fiberglass one- or two-person basket, winter start kit, and more. 

You can find more information here.