Posted June 17, 2015

Diesel Engine Protection For Brutally Cold Temps

You can prevent freezing or provide a controlled thaw on diesel engine components with Engenity's 12V/24V thermostat-controlled heating products, designed for off-road equipment used in harsh environments, down to -40 degrees. The ThermEvolve line includes DC-powered, temperature-controlled heated hoses and heating jackets designed for diesel-engine components such as CCV filters, PCV filters, fuel filters and DEF lines. 

thermevolve“Outdoor operations that depend on diesel-powered equipment all contend with machine downtime and productivity losses caused by frozen diesel-engine components — and the problems are multiplying with today’s Tier 3 and 4 emission-controlled engines,” said Kent Hammond, sales director for Engenity. “ThermEvolve temperature-controlled products safely thaw frozen components faster and with lower power consumption than traditional uncontrolled heating approaches.”   

The new ThermEvolve products provide users with an all-in-one heater, temperature controller and insulator package engineered to each application’s requirements. The products are designed to take components from −50 C to the desired operating temperature in not more than five minutes.

Engenity’s heated hoses incorporate virtually any customer-specified hose plus a resistive heater guaranteed suitable for the application, a fast-acting temperature control and EPDM closed-cell foam insulation suitable for operating temperatures up to 150 C. Unlike application-specific heated hose available only in high volumes, ThermEvolve heated hose is economical for equipment owners or aftermarket suppliers whose projects require multiple hose types and low volumes — in hose diameters as small as 6mm and in lengths from 0.3 meters to 10 meters.

Heating jackets from Engenity are also delivered as customer- and application-specific products. Each heating jacket consists of a tailored-to-task electric heating element, a proven temperature control and a form-fitted, closed-cell polyamide foam insulator that can withstand operating temperatures up to 190 C. Engenity’s application engineers work with customer specifications and staff to ensure ThermEvolve solutions meet application requirements.