Posted June 10, 2014

Morbark High-Capacity M15RX Brush Chipper

Morbark's high-capacity, lighter-weight compact chipper is ideal to rent to residential tree services, utility crews for line clearing, landscape contractors for vegetation management, maintenance contractors and municipalities.

Morbark compact chipperThe company says it's a smaller, more affordable chipper that offers 15-inch capacity and high productivity. The brush chipper is engineered to give your customers the power and features they need to maximize output and enhance profitability.The Beever M15RX incorporates many of Morbark’s popular features, including:

  • Patented chambered air impeller system to increase chip throwing velocity and reduce dust and material blowback out of the infeed so useers can pack more material into the chip truck.
  • TorqMax top feed wheel compression system, which generates more than 3,400 lb./ft. of material pulling force.
  • And 8.2 lb., 6" channel frame rails with 2" x 4" tubular steel frame with cross bracing for increased structural strength while maintaining low unit weight.

Here's a link to their site