Posted June 8, 2015

New Flat-Proof TechnologyTires from McLaren

McLaren is introducing Nu-Air solid cushion front and rear tires for backhoes. The Nu-Air tires use three layers of unique rubber compounds and multiple shock-absorbing relief holes for a smooth ride and durability. Flat-proof technology eliminates the need for tire protection, while the extra weight of the tires lowers the backhoe’s center of gravity and provides stability on harsh terrain.

McLaren Nu-Air backhoe tiresTwo versions are available: Dirt Terrain (DT) tires for off-road applications where aggressive traction and high stability are important. Their deep tread lugs ensure a solid grip on sand, rocks or deep mud.

All Terrain (AT) tires are a good option for mixed-purpose vehicles. The zigzag tread pattern provides a smoother ride with less wear on asphalt, concrete and other hard surfaces, yet still delivers good traction when going off road. 

With more than a decade of research and development, this product integrates the strength of a solid tire with the smooth, cushioned ride of a pneumatic tire. Featuring a lower cost per hour, the solid cushion Nu-Air tire series has become widely known as the economically smart alternative to foam-filled or conventional pneumatic tires.

“McLaren’s solid cushion tires have become hugely popular among owners and operators of skid-steer loaders, telehandlers, wheel loaders and forklifts, so it was only natural to add backhoe tires in the mix,” said George Zafirov, marketing manager for McLaren Industries. “It makes practical sense, too, given the typical rugged, unforgiving work environment backhoes experience on a regular basis. For instance, they don’t use an axle-mounted suspension and are vulnerable to vibrations from the ground. But because our solid cushion tires lower the center of gravity and reduce equipment bouncing, backhoe safety and performance are significantly improved. Plus, with zero chance to get a flat, Nu-Air Tires are the preferred choice for safely increasing productivity.”