Posted May 21, 2015

New Tractor Loaders From John Deere

John Deere has introduced two new purpose-built tractor loaders that offer job site versatility. The 210L uses a 93 hp Tier 4 Final PowerTech Plus diesel and the 210L EP uses a 70 hp interim Tier 4 PowerTech engine. Both models have a four-speed PowerShift transmission that allows no-clutch fingertip shifting and direction changes for fast work cycles.

JD tractor loader 210L EPEach model can be equipped with a canopy or an optional four-season air-conditioned/heated cab. Improvements include a larger right-hand armrest and increased seat rotation ufor a better view of the box blade and easier entry and exit from the cab. A premium LED package includes two front spotlights, two rear and two side floodlights.

An easy-view, multi-language monitor displays important operating information. A new “palm-on-top” loader-control grip increases operator comfort and provides exclusive fingertip control of clutch disconnect momentary mechanical-front-wheel drive (MFWD) and other loader functions. On-the-fly MFWD can be engaged to give extra traction in poor job site conditions or to move heavy loads. An optional limited-slip front axle delivers 65 percent of available power to the tire with the best traction for true all-wheel-drive pulling power.

A new hitch design makes it easier to position the box blade over the pile for added versatility and productivity. Optional dual-tilt rear hydraulic cylinders provide greater three-point side-to-side hitch control of rear attachments. Both the 210L EP and 210L can also be outfitted with a quick-coupler to accept numerous attachments. 

Same-side ground-level service points help speed daily checks. A two-position tilt hood provides same-side ground-level access to engine and transmission dipsticks, engine-oil fill, fuel and air filters, and coolant reservoir. The fuel fill area is also nearby.