Posted May 16, 2014

John Deere Final Tier 4 Utility Wheel Loaders

John Deere’s K-Series 4WD Wheel Loaders now feature three models that meet Final Tier 4 emissions standards.With the engine update, the company says, it also made improvements to increase uptime and reduce daily operating costs.

The implementation of a John Deere PowerTech EPA Final Tier 4/EU Stage IV engine provides torque to help maintain good boom and bucket speed in and out of the pile for heaped loads, even in wet or hard-packed material. The new wheel loader models weigh the same as their Interim Tier 4 predecessors with no increase in machine dimensions. In addition, there is no impact on visibility going from an Interim Tier 4 to Final Tier 4 engine.

The K-Series boasts several axle improvements, including standard axle cooling and filtration, along with brake retractors and adjustors on the Teammate V axles. Standard axle cooling and filtration keeps axle oil and its components cooler in hard breaking and significant load-and carry applications. 

The K-Series 4WD utility models feature a standard five-speed lockup torque converter (LUTC) transmission that improves productivity and fuel efficiency. This feature connects the entire drivetrain directly to the engine to provide full engine power during transport, ramp climbing and downhill conditions, eliminating wasted energy and excess fluid consumption by 5- to 8-percent depending on the application.

New K-Series models come standard with several features to make the operator’s job easier, including a Level 1 Sound Suppression Package and quiet cab with air conditioning.

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