Posted May 14, 2015

Brokk's Next Generation Demolition Machine

Brokk has introduced an updated Brokk 100 model, featuring improved controls for smoother functionality in slewing and arm movements, a simplified method to integrate attachments and an updated electrical system for improved reliability. In addition to demolition applications, the remote-controlled machines are used for heavy civil construction, mining, tunneling and specialty applications.

w Brokk 100

Brokk has introduced 11 generations of different models — from the 1,100-pound Brokk 60 to the recently introduced, 12-ton Brokk 800. The Brokk 100 is the second smallest machine in the lineup, weighing 2,183 pounds. The machine can use a wide range of attachments and, with its 31-inch width, easily fit through doors or inside passenger elevators. 

Zero emission, compact size and industry-leading power-to-weight ratio combine to make this model one of the most popular in the company’s range, and as with all Brokk demolition machines, the wireless, digital remote control is key to its success across a multitude of industries. With the wireless controls, Brokk operators can position themselves for optimum visibility and safety, avoiding potential falling debris or exposure to harmful environments. 

The Brokk 100 operates comfortably in tight, confined spaces, and its low floor load allows it to operate in otherwise inaccessible areas, such as in stairwells. Top-down demolition, interior strip-outs, selective concrete removal, hospital or food-service environments — all are perfect applications for the electrically powered machine. 

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