Posted May 13, 2014

New Genie Hybrid Scissor Lift Series

Genie's new rough terrain, high-performance electric scissor lifts feature an onboard integrated generator to charge the batteries and supply power to the platform and chassis. 

Genie HybridIn the early stages of construction, the scissor keeps itself charged and can supply full AC power when onsite power is not available. As the jobsite progresses it can switch to hybrid or electric to meet rough terrain or indoor slab environments. "This type of versatility ultimately leads to higher utilization for rental companies,” comments Mark Powell, Scissors Product Manager for Terex Aerial Work Platforms.

The new bi-energy hybrid scissor lift series is available in 26 ft, 33 ft and 40 ft models. All units provide the ability to drive at full height and have a five-foot, slide-out deck. The simplified 3-4-5 link stack design provides commonality across the entire range to help simplify parts-stocking for fleet owners. 

The Genie BE scissor lift series features two operating modes. This selectable feature meets the needs of both outdoor jobsites with no onsite power, and indoor jobsites with sensitive noise and emission environments. When  the power management hybrid operation is selected, the system automates the charging function of the integrated generator, maintaining the battery charge and allowing the operator to focus on getting the job done. All models are equipped with an onboard charger for wall power charging. A standard feature supplies 120V, 15A power from the integrated generator to the platform and chassis. End users can power additional tools from the scissor without needing onsite power.

A front active oscillating axle helps keep all four wheels on the ground during operation providing the end user with more machine control and power when climbing hills and jobsite obstacles. Non-marking foam-filled rough terrain tires provide the versatility needed to start the job on rough terrain and finish on indoor slab surfaces. Full swing-out doors and trays provide access to electronics, manifolds, hydraulics and batteries. A Genie SmartLink™ control system provides improved troubleshooting and easy aftermarket updates.