Posted May 12, 2016

"Contractor Spec" Compact Excavator from JCB

JCB's 8018 Contractor specification compact excavator is specifically designed to work on busy urban job sites while reducing operating costs and enhancing safety and ease of operation. 

jcb 8018All excavator arm and undercarriage bushes are equipped with graphite-impregnated bushes, delivering 500-hour greasing intervals to save time and maintenance costs. For increased safety, LED work lights are fitted to the front of the machine and to the boom with additional protective guards to prevent damage.

The auxiliaries have been updated to an electrical operation. The conveniently positioned, thumb-operated switch enables simple proportional control of the auxiliary flows, allowing for simple and controlled operation of specific attachments.

The machine comes standard with rubber street pads on the dozer blade to prevent damage to roadways while working. These can be easily removed without the use of any tools and stored safely in the cab’s toolbox. The excavator can be ordered with a full operator’s cab or canopy. In cab models, the lower door window glass is replaced with a steel panel to reduce the risk of damage on site. 

High-visibility decals enhance the appearance of the excavator while improving safety on busy urban streets and when working in low light conditions. Built-in tie-down points on the rear side of the upper structure and kingpost further improve safety when transporting the machine on a trailer.

Bolt-on rubber counterweight protection is designed to protect the machine from accidental damage, boosting the machine’s residual value.

The JCB 8018 Contractor specification incorporates a separate hand-held tool circuit, as well as standard auxiliary hoses on the boom. The hand-held circuit provides hydraulic power to drive a range of tools, including hand-held breakers, cut-off saws and water pumps.