Posted May 12, 2014

Increase Skid Steer Versatility With Loegering Track System

Adding an over-the-tire (OTT) track system as an option for your skid steer fleet can increase their versatility and value for you and your contractor customers.

loegering f seriesTrack systems help increase skid steer performance and productivity on a variety of soils, soil conditions and terrain. You can add or remove the Loegering OTT track system in about an hour, the company says, giving you the flexibility to offer tracked or wheeled equipment at any time.

The track systems add points of contact, increasing stability, improving the ride, and providing increased traction and flotation to maneuver in different soil and working conditions. Combined with a skid steer’s ability to quickly move around in space-restricted areas, Loegering track systems offer contractors the flexibility to take on  a wider variety of jobs.

Loegering offers three OTT track systems for the rental market: The F-Series, the Versatile Track System® (VTS) and the Z-Series.

The F-Series offers the widest range of traction applications for mid-size skid-steer loaders and is ideal for general applications where traction and flotation are a must but ground disturbance is not an issue. This series provides the most pad-to-ground contact for maximum flotation, while decreasing rutting and ground compaction. It's on the Mustang skid steer pictured here.

The Versatile Track System (VTS) is a complete rubber track undercarriage that bolts directly to a skid steer's standard hubs. It uses forward placement of the front idler wheel to maintain flotation and stability, is extremely stable when digging and backing out of trenches and hauling and dumping heavy loads. VTS tracks provide bi-directional suspension, which adjusts independently from one side of the machine to the other. The suspension automatically applies the track undercarriages back to the ground maximizing track foot print, evenly distributing horsepower on uneven terrain.

Z-Series tracks have aggressive traction and excellent side-hill stability in the widest range of applications. They are engineered to be strong, long-lasting and self-cleaning and are ideal for use in tough terrain applications, such as land clearing and right-of-way work. Tracks have beveled edges for less ground disturbance during operation.

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