Posted May 8, 2015

Turn Buckets Into Rakes With New Attachment

The BR-S Bucket Rake attaches quickly to most standard buckets, allowing operators to rake rocks and other debris. This patent-pending attachment from ANBO Manufacturing  can be used on tractors, skid steers and other machines with buckets and is available in sizes for machines from 15 – 100 horsepower.

anbo rake attachment for buckets

“With this new attachment, customers can quickly turn their existing bucket into a tool which will remove rocks and debris from the field without picking up the dirt,” explained ANBO President, Chris Newman.  “As you comb through the field this product will sort the rocks from the dirt. The rocks will roll up into the bucket and can be dumped when the bucket is full.”

The attachment takes only minutes to install using chain binders. It can also be welded in place you attached using a bolt-on bracket kit. It is self-aligning to insure proper positioning and attachment.  

The BR-S is made from tough, A-572 steel for durability and comes with 3-inch tine spacing. It features a sturdy bracing bar to spread the load and torque across the entire length and width of the bucket area to avoid damage to the bucket.  A raised retaining ridge keeps the rocks from falling out until the bucket is rolled forward and emptied.

A forward cradle area in the front adds material volume capability to pick up and carry long items such as logs, pipes, branches and other materials which cannot normally be carried by a bucket alone.  The tines feature a front cutting edge that can be used as a sod cutter and material grader to smooth an area that has been cleaned.

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