Posted May 8, 2015

Bobcat Adds to UTV Lineup

Bobcat expanded its Model Year (MY) 15 utility vehicle lineup with the new 3600 and 3650 hydrostatic-drive models.The 3650, with its ability to operate front-mounted PTO and non-PTO attachments, offers additional versatility as a job site work vehicle.

bobcat 3650

Both models use a new 24-horsepower Kohler diesel engine and provide industry-leading payload and towing capacity, according to the company, and allows the vehicles to hit a top speed of 30 mph. A hydrostatic transmission system and durable suspension provide smooth drivabilty. Operators can can choose the setting that matches the load requirements to achieve optimum comfort and traction.. Dynamic braking provides easier control when under load. lndependent front dual A-arm suspension with rear de Dion suspension improves comfort and provides improved stability to haul and tow heavy loads. 

Bobcat 3600 Utility Vehicle

  • Transmission: Hydrostatic
  • Drive system: 4x4 and AWD
  • Accessories: 72-in.-wide snow blade; sprayer mounted in UTV cargo box
  • Total vehicle rated capacity: 1750 lb.*
  • Vehicle towing capacity: 2000 lb.
  • Cargo box load capacity: 1250 lb.
  • Operating weight without cab: 1955 lb.

Bobcat 3650 Utility Vehicle

  • Transmission: Hydrostatic, PTO engagement
  • Drive system: 4x4 and AWD
  • Multi-Attachment X-Change (M.A.X.) system
  • Front-mounted attachments: Bucket, grapple, pallet fork and snow blade
  • Front-mounted PTO attachments: Angle broom, mower and snow blower
  • Accessory: Sprayer mounted in UTV cargo box
  • Maximum lift height: 2 ft.
  • Maximum lift capacity: 500 lb.
  • Total vehicle rated capacity: 1900 lb.*
  • Vehicle towing capacity: 2000 lb.
  • Cargo box load capacity: 1250 lb
  • Operating weight without cab: 2215 lb.

*The total vehicle operating capacity is the combined weight of passengers, cargo box load and gross trailer weight.

Tilt steering, ample legroom and foot space and three-passenger bench front seat come standard on the 3600. The 3650 comes standard with bucket seats and integrated controls for the Multi-Attachment X-Change (M.A.X.) system, which powers front-mounted PTO-driven attachments, including an angle broom, mower and snowblower, as well as non-PTO attachments such as a bucket, grapple, pallet fork and snow blade. Seven attachments, combined with a maximum lift height of 2-feet and rated lift capacity of 500 pounds, add versatility. 

For better attachment control, operators can use the throttle independent of the travel control pedal. This feature allows operators to set the engine speed with a throttle rather than having to use the accelerator pedal to increase engine rpm. Separating the two functions gives operators the freedom to run powered attachments more efficiently with the rpm they require yet at low travel speeds.

Automatic engine shutdown is standard, shutting down the engine if it registers high engine coolant temperature or high hydraulic oil temperature.