Posted April 29, 2015

New Truck Vac From Ditch Witch

Ditch Witch's new FXT60 truck vacuum excavator is designed to be versatile, with the power to perform a wide variety of cleanup tasks, especially larger jobs in difficult-to-access locations. The FXT60 has1,027 cfm of suction power and a high-pressure water system with a 5.5-gpm, 3,000-psi water pump and is available on a Class 6 or 7 single-axle or Class 8 tandem-axle truck.

Ditch Witch vac ex truck

Like its trailer-mounted counterpart, the truck-mount vacuum excavator is built for heavy-duty cleanup jobs and soft excavation tasks such as potholing. Designed specifically for mounting on truck frame rails, the system's components flex independently of the truck, providing structural integrity. Controls and service points are easily accessible. The vacuum excavator can be mounted to a single-axle truck of your choice, so buyers can control the level of initial investment. 

Remote-fill water tank allows for easy filling and prevents siphoning back into the water supply. Optional hydraulic boom extends to 14 ft to saves labor, time and reduce operator fatigue. Optional heater, arrow board and cold-weather kit keeps water system from freezing in inclement weather and increases production in tight soils. You can choose a 500-gallon spoils tank with 200-gallon water tank, or 800-gallon spoils tank with 400-gallon water tank. Autoclutching feature disengages the water pump when water is not in use, allowing full system power for suction.

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