Posted April 28, 2015

New Excavator Plate Compactors from CASE

CASE Construction Equipment introduces its SC series of five new plate compactors for trench and slope compaction. These plates run on unidirectional hydraulics and are available in a variety of sizes, ranging from 19 x 20 inches to 32 x 42 inches.

CASE excavator plate compactorsFor soil compaction, the SC series can compact up to 4 feet – more than five times the efficiency of handheld compactors. For slopes, the SC series efficiently compacts materials on an incline. The new plate compactors can also drive and extract piles, fence posts, guardrails and more. Because of their design and ease of use, the plate compactors simplify compaction work without introducing another machine or operator into the already cramped space.

The SC series has a unique “Angle Technology” base plate design that transfers and distributes vibratory forces more efficiently, and ultimately protects and extends the life of the compactor and carrier. The design allows for trench compaction in narrow areas. The base plate also offers a lower center of gravity, which puts the attachment’s energy where it’s needed the most.

Shock mounts are tilted 15 degrees outward, allowing better force distribution across the plate, less stress on the compactor during operation and reduced wear. This design also improves performance and durability. A flow control with a reverse flow check valve is standard on all models and a stainless steel pressure relief valve for added safety.

The SC series features a wide variety of custom mountings available to fit a variety of carriers. With a continuous oil bath lubrication system to extend bearing life, the compactors require no maintenance. This series comes with two year warranty.

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