Posted April 22, 2015

Heavy-duty ditching buckets

To help contractors more efficiently complete excavating and grading projects, Doosan has introduced heavy-duty ditching buckets, available on all Doosan crawler excavators, The bucket’s deep profile provides  smooth operation and versatility when loading material, grading, backfilling, cleaning ditches for improved drainage and working on slopes.

doosan ditching bucketThe Doosan heavy-duty ditching buckets have the same profile but are wider than the standard buckets, without the internal center gussets found on some ditching buckets. This design provides greater capacity. Other features include a lift eye for lifting applications, weld-on side cutters and reversible bolt-on cutting edge to leave a smooth work area when the job is completed. Note: the approval of the new heavy-duty ditching buckets is based on its designed use, not material capacity.

There are 13 Doosan heavy-duty ditching buckets available, either as pin-on buckets or they can be ordered to fit hydraulic or wedge-lock quick couplers.