Posted April 20, 2015

BOMAG Increases Gradeability With New Rollers

BOMAG’s new smooth drum BW177DH-5 and padfoot drum BW177PDH-5 feature a dual travel pump drive system that uses one pump dedicated to drum drive and one for the rear axle, the single drum rollers climb up to 24% higher grades than rollers employing a single travel pump and parallel flow hydraulic system. Built with no-spin rear differential, both the BW177DH-5 and BW177PDH-5 deliver up to 58% gradeability with vibration and 61% without.

bomag single drum vibratory 177 dhThe rollers’ elevated front frame design increases the space between the drum and frame to prevent material plugging when compacting heavy cohesive soils. Both compactors offer two vibration frequencies of 1,860/2,280 VPM and dual amplitude to tailor compaction output to jobsite conditions. The machines deliver 25,179 lb centrifugal force in high amplitude and 16,636 lb in low to quickly compact up to 18-in lifts of granular soil and up to 14-in mixed-soil lifts. Excelling at compacting silts and clays, the padfoot BW177PDH-5 can quickly compact up to 8-in  thick lifts of these cohesive materials.

Powered by a 74 HP Tier 4 Final Kubota turbocharged diesel engine and featuring the company's Ecomode, the rollers use intelligent engine control to run the engine in the optimum range, resulting in up to 30% lower fuel consumption.

The vibratory rollers can be equipped with options that improve compaction performance, machine utilization and return on investment. Both rollers offer the optional BOMAG Terrameter system, providing economical compaction and continuous compaction assessment during and after the project. The optional BOMAG Telematic, available for all Tier 4 final machines, boasts advanced diagnostics to track roller location, operating hours, idle time, fuel consumption, engine service codes and maintenance reminders.

The new rollers offer an operating speed ranging from 0-6.2 mph. Combined with high vibration output, the rollers compact up to 550 cu.yd./hour of granular soil, mixed soils at rates reaching 420 cu.yd./hour and up to 185 cu.yd./hour of cohesive soil. These rollers can be used on a wide range of applications from residential and commercial construction to parking lots to utility and municipal projects to highway construction and maintenance.

An updated operator’s compartment offers easy entry from either side of the machine. The optional climate controlled, fully enclosed cabin elevates operator comfort and productivity. Roller design delivers improved sightlines to the front and rear of the machine for increased operating safety. A wide opening engine hood and easy-to-reach service points from ground level simplifies machine maintenance to increase uptime.