Posted April 19, 2016

Classen PRO Hydro-Drive Overseeder

Classen' s PRO HTS20 Hydro-Drive Overseeder is a self-propelled machine with tight blade placement to provide 13 seed rows in a 20-inch swath. The unit’s  double-edge double-blade reel spaces the blades 1.5 inches apart to provide greater than 15 percent more rows of seed than competitive units, according to the company.

classen pro overseeder

Depth can be set in any of 10 settings from 0 inches to 1.625 inches, to attain the proper depth for the seed. This allows for better seed placement to refresh existing turf, establish new grass or tackle a weedy lawn. “We designed the PRO Hydro-Drive Overseeder to offer a fast return on investment,” said Bruno Quanquin, Classen vice president of sales and marketing. “We incorporated features into the overseeder that contribute to quality results and exceptional efficiency. Plus, it’s easy to maintain, which minimizes downtime.”

Classen’s PRO Overseeder features a 40-pound-capacity floating seed box that follows the contours of the terrain to ensure consistent seed placement. The seed box locks in place for hill or slope seeding. A seed agitator breaks up seed clumps caused by dew and humidity. 

The HTS20 features a hydrostatic drive, single-lever forward/reverse controls and a 9-hp Honda engine that offers operating speeds up to 3 mph forward and 1.5 mph in reverse. This allows the machine to cover as much as 26,400 square feet per hour.

The HTS20's clear seed box cover allows the operator to monitor seed levels. A seed drop indicator lets operators know if seed slits are open or closed to reduce seed drop waste. To set the unit for the correct seed size and to minimize seed waste, the PRO HTS20 features a convenient seed dial and onboard instruction chart.

Turf tread flotation tires provide the traction needed for slope seeding.The blade shaft features greasable cast iron bearings. The double-sided blades can be reversed to double the blade life.