Posted April 8, 2015

Atlas Copco's New Intelligent Compaction System

Atlas Copco recently introduced a new intelligent compaction system that gives contractors real-time material stiffness readings to improve soil and asphalt compaction, helping maximize productivity.Its touch screen capability makes the system user friendly and convenient.

The intelligent compaction system uses a global navigation satellite system, such as GPS, to track the number of completed passes and a drum-mounted accelerometer to measure the surface’s relative material stiffness. The system gives operators immediate materials stiffness results from within the cab to help minimize the number of passes. On asphalt it also detects the temperature of asphalt to provide consistent, relative stiffness readings. In addition, Atlas Copco’s intelligent compaction system helps contractors detect any loose materials so they can perform additional passes to reach the right compaction. This minimizes the risk of production related quality defects.

Contractors can use the intuitive system on a tablet to set project parameters and view compaction data. Once they achieve the optimal level of compaction, the program alerts the operator, so he or she can stop and reduce the risk of over compaction, which can affect the integrity of the material and damage the roller.

The data storage also means contractors have the results readily available to print off or display for Federal Highway Department inspections.  The system is available on Atlas Copco CC2200 through CC6200 asphalt rollers and CA2500 through CA6500 soil rollers.