Posted April 6, 2015

New Concrete Equipment From Chicago Pneumatic

Chicago Pneumatic Construction Equipment now features additional concrete equipment, with new truss screeds, a spreader wagon, pneumatic pokers, walk-behind screeds, and power trowels. The new products cover all facets of concrete finishing applications, including vibration, leveling, finishing, and cutting.

Truss Screeds
For applications including concrete floors, landscaping, road construction/maintenance, rental and civil engineering, the LDE 2200 (electric) and LDG 3600 (gasoline) truss screeds can be used on slabs and bridges up to 82 ft. wide. Sections can be assembled so the screeds adapt to the width of the concrete being poured, giving the operator flexibility to screed much larger areas in a single pass, automating the screeding process and saving time.

Spreader Wagon
cp spreader wagonThe Chicago Pneumatic spreader wagon is designed to evenly distribute all types of granolithic concrete material while pressing it into the upper layer for a longwearing surface. Featuring a simple, efficient, and durable drum design, and a receptacle capacity of 132.3 lbs of hardtopping material, the SCS 32 features a unique screen roller assembly that carries the weight of the machine at the same time as it presses the hardtopping material into the concrete. 

Pneumatic Pokers
Chicago Pneumatic offers a new extensive range of pneumatic pokers to deliver high-speed vibration. Compressed air also cools the poker, allowing it to be used for longer periods and in applications such as walls and columns. They range from 1.1-in. to 3-in. in diameter, having few moving parts, require little maintenance and are suitable for low to high slump. 

CP-LBG-1200-Walk-Behind-Screed_App2Walk-Behind Screeds
Two new walk-behind screeds—the LBG 800 bull float screed and LBG 1200 hand-held screed — are light and easy to handle, designed to provide a consistent, even surface without any guide or supporting tube. Equipped with a Honda engine, the screed features a rubber element to reduce H/A vibrations. For quick adjustments, the ignition switch and throttle control are within easy reach for the operator.

Power Trowels
From small edging tasks to larger floors, the new Chicago Pneumatic power trowels create the finish operators require, while ensuring safe and reliable operation on the job. With unique ergonomics, the trowels are designed with low maintenance features and provide an efficient solution for trowelling applications. The trowels have a new drive system and dead-man handle that automatically stops the handle from spinning when the operator drops or lets go of it. 

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