Posted April 4, 2014

Packer Brothers 24-volt Plate Compactors

Voted a Most Innovative Product at World of Concrete, the Packer Brothers self-contained 24 volt battery operated plate compactors offer users increased productivity and emissions compliance.

Packer Brothers Plate CompactorWith interior remodeling contracts often requiring tighter noise control and lower or zero emissions, the company’s “Amped” line can meet contractors’ needs. The compactor uses a custom-built DC motor and extreme duty 24V power cell to operate with zero emission, reduced noise, no cords, hoses or liquid fuel while delivering professional results.

The PB184BAT features an 18” x 24” plate that is vibrated by a new, high-reliability
exciter. Custom upgrades are available including the company’s new EZ-Change belt system designed to reduce down time and maintenance while providing superior performance.