Posted April 1, 2016

Atlas Copco LH Series Hydraulic Breakers

Atlas Copco's LH series of handheld hydraulic breakers offer relatively high power-to-weight ratios and easy operation.The breakers’ versatility — coupled with a relatively low cost — also contributes to a fast ROI. 

ac lh series breakersThe LH 220, the LH 270, and the LH 390 are ideally suited for breaking down tough materials that demand a high power-to-weight ratio. For example, the LH 220 weighs 50 pounds and has an impact rate of up to 1,900 beats per minute. The breakers’ small bodies also make them easy to maneuver and fit in the back of a vehicle. 

Other attributes of the LH series include: oil flows ranging from 5 to 8 gpm; about 30 inches long; and working pressures from 1,523 psi to 1,813 psi.  

Atlas Copco also offers LH breakers with optional ergonomic vibration-reduction handles. These significantly reduce vibration intensity, allowing operators to use the breakers comfortably for more than 8 hours.   

“From a contractor’s standpoint, they’re easy to work with and reliable,” said Gus Armbruster, Atlas Copco product manager, handheld construction tools. “They’re also an ideal tool for the rental industry, since they’re easy to own and relatively inexpensive to maintain.” 

Atlas Copco