Posted March 30, 2015

JCB's Unique CTL Targets Forestry Applications

JCB's 325T ForestMaster compact track loader is designed to handle arduous working conditions found in the forestry and timber industries. It's powered byJCB’s Ecomax Tier 4 Final engine, with no requirement for a DPF or any aftertreatment.

Featuring additional protection for both the operator and the machine, the 325T ForestMaster  incorporates:

  • Recovery winch significantly reducing downtime
  • Front work light protection and FOPS guard for A/C and rear lights
  • Track tube guard plus hydraulic hose and auxiliary coupler guard 
  • Lexan front screen with hinging front mesh guard plus Level 2 FOPS

jcb forestmaster ctlThe 325T’s Ecomax engine delivers 74 hp across a broad rev range from just 1,200 rpm. This high torque engine features an advanced combustion system, with ultra-high common rail fuel injection pressures and exhaust gas recirculation (EGR), allowing it to meet Tier 4 Final emissions standards without the need for regeneration. This is particularly important in forestry applications, as the heat created during regeneration creates a fire hazard when combined with high amounts of timber chaff and sawdust. 

The absence of a bulky exhaust after-treatment has allowed JCB design engineers to maintain a low engine cover design, improving visibility from the cab and safety on site.

The 325T ForestMaster benefits from a comprehensive protection kit, that includes an exhaust cover to prevent debris entering the engine bay, rear cab glass mesh, a left hand quarter panel guard and a steel tube guard for the auxiliary high flow circuit. In addition customers can specify front work light protection, a loader hydraulic hose and auxiliary coupler guards, air conditioning, FOPS guard with side protection, a cooling pack guard and a track tube guard.

The machine incorporates a full height side entry door, made possible by JCB’s  Powerboom design, which enables operators to easily enter and exit the cab without having to climb over attachments. In addition, the cab is supplied with a Level 2 FOPS guard with steel mesh on both the left and right hand windows and a Lexan front windscreen with a hinging front mesh guard for easy cleaning.

A rear-mounted winch has been specifically designed for the ForestMaster, ensuring that operators can easily recover the machine when working in boggy ground. The swing-out mounting allows daily checks to be carried out and the winch design ensures a 28.7° departure angle, so there is no reduction in maneuverability on inclines.

The 325T ForestMaster can be equipped with a 60 inch wide mulching head with up to 45 cutting hammers.