Posted March 27, 2015

Toro Introduces New Mortar Mixer Models 

The Toro Company's new UltraMix line of mortar mixers are built for a variety of applications and are available with batch capacities ranging from light to heavy duty.The company says its exclusive symmetrical drum and patented paddle configuration provides more paddle and drum contact with the mortar, reducing mixing time and providing an ideal mixture.

Toro sw15_3172s_60220_ultra_mix_34l_top_8“Through the UltraMix Mortar Mixer line, we are now offering performance-enhancing features to a category that is primarily comprised of commoditized products,” says Sean O’Halloran, marketing manager for The Toro Company. “The American-made UltraMix line boasts some very unique, value-added features that ultimately equate to optimum productivity on the jobsite.”

The new UltraMix line features rugged and reliable components. The reinforced paddle rubber features two layers of woven fabric for added strength, minimizing tearing and increasing overall paddle life. The high-strength steel drum resists pounding during mixing or transport. A high-strength telescoping axle allows the wheels to adjust from a towing width to under 36 inches, so it fits through a door opening.

Seven models designed for a variety of applications are available:

  • MMX-650E-S – 6 cu. ft. total batch capacity volume – 634 lb. operating weight
  • MMX-655H-S – 6 cu. ft. total batch capacity volume – 599 lb. operating weight
  • MMX-658H-S – 6 cu. ft. total batch capacity volume – 621 lb. operating weight
  • MMX-850E-S – 8 cu. ft. total batch capacity volume – 649 lb. operating weight, 1.5 HP Electric 115V-230V
  • MMX-850E-S – 8 cu. ft. total batch capacity volume – 522-610 lb. operating weight, 2 HP Electric 115V-230V
  • MMX-858H-S – 8 cu. ft. total batch capacity volume – 636 lb. operating weight
  • MMXD-958H-S – 9 cu. ft. batch capacity volume – 860 lb. operating weight

The new UltraMix line is available to rental stores directly from Toro on or 1-800-888-9926 and from Toro dealers. Click here for the company's website.