Posted March 24, 2015

Vermeer Introduces New Mini Skid Steer

Vermeer has introduced the CTX50 mini skid steer, featuring vertical lift arms that allow it to hoist more weight than a similarly sized machine with a radial lift path. It has a 600-pound ROC and a tipping capacity of 1,715 pounds.

vermeer ctx-50Vertical lift paths akeep the load closer to the machine, allowing it to lift more than a similar-sized mini skid steer with a radial lift path. A vertical lift path also provides a higher lift height, and the CTX50 has a full lift height of 72-in. It’s a good fit for the rental market, the company says, becuase it's compact yet provides superior lift capacity for its size.

“The CTX50 was designed for the rental market,” said Andy Van Soelen, rental and landscape solutions specialist for Vermeer. “Vermeer is expanding its product line for the rental market, and this new mini skid steer continues to demonstrate our commitment to the market.”

Rental store customers such as landscape contractors will get good use out of the CTX50 due to the machine’s compact size and other features.

The CTX50 features a 25-horsepower Kohler Command PRO electronic fuel-injected gasoline engine and utilizes a 4-pump hydraulic system. Two of the pumps power the track drive motors, and the other two pumps provide flow to the control loader arms and auxiliary hydraulic functions. This design provides dedicated pumps to power specific functions, allowing the machine to be more productive than systems with fewer pumps.

An enhanced operator’s station features a single pilot-operated joystick for smooth operation and is more convenient to handle than dual controls.

The CTX50 features 7-inch  rubber tracks, and a high-mounted track sprocket design helps keep the drive sprocket out of the dirt to reduce premature wear in tough ground conditions.

The stand-on platform also helps keep the operator out of the mud and debris and provides optimal viewing of attachments during operation.

The universal attachment plate allows for quick change of a variety of attachments, making the CTX50 a versatile machine for a variety of applications for the rental customer.