Posted March 22, 2016

RTEX Breaker's Innovative Design Offers Power, Productivity

Atlas Copco's innovative new RTEX breaker is a 60-pound-class breaker that weighs 55 pounds, delivers power with less vibration, and operates at 36 cfm, allowing users to operate two breakers off one 90 CFM compressor. 

RTEX from ACUnlike conventional breakers that discharge air each time the piston moves up or down, the RTEX consumes air only on the piston's return stroke. A Constant Pressure Chamber on top of the breaker pushes the piston down without discharging compressed air. This design allows for a longer, heavier piston, resulting in better energy transfer to the chisel. Because the pressure on top of the piston is constant, the design also reduces vibrations at the core.

Used with the company's RHEX Power Chisel, which is designed and tuned to work with the RTEX breaker, the company says the system nees 50 percent less air to generate the same breaking capacity as conventional breakers. 

The breaker uses a SOFSTART system to slowly release the energy of the breaker as it's needed. This offers more control to users as they make a first cut. Then, because of the new piston design, the company says, the RTEX doubles the amount of time the tool stays in contact with the material. Though measured in milliseconds, combined with the higher impact energy per blow, the breaker saves contractors' time on the job site. 

Click here for a video that provides more information and shows the breaker in use.