Posted March 12, 2015

Push-Around Scissor Lift From Custom Equipment

Emphasizing safety and ease-of-use, Custom Equipment featured its Hy-Brid HB-P1027 low-level scissor lift at The Rental Show last month. The lightweight, zero-turn radius, push-around lift lets contractors work at heights up to 16 ft. and offers greater safety and convenience compared to ladders and scaffolds.

custom equipment hb p1027The lift’s platform is 22--in. wide and 37-in. long and lifts as much as 550 lbs. The HB-P1027 weighs 870 pounds and its wheels help distribute its weight and provide wheel loads as low as 250.3 psi.The HB-P1027’s hydraulic system is self-contained and has only two connection points, reducing the potential for hydraulic fluid leaks The scissor stack  features oversized, 1.25-inch pins to enhance stability and reduce scissor sway.

Entry height is 27.8-in., one of the lowest available, so users can easily access the platform. This not only reduces fatigue and knee strain associated with climbing on and off lifts, but also nearly eliminates falls that can occur when operators are loading and unloading heavy tools and supplies. The company also incorporated the step into the lift’s frame, which minimizes the lift’s overall length.

The  access gate swings completely open to allow users to step up and into the platform, eliminating the need to duck under bars or change. The HB-P1027 provides a safer, more efficient alternative to ladders and other manual methods commonly used to perform low-level maintenance and industrial work and reduces the number of trips up and down to secure tools.

The scissor stack operates smoothly to minimize platform bouncing and doesn’t require greasing. The lift is equipped with an absorbent glass mat (AGM) battery that makes the unit virtually maintenance free because it never requires users to add water. The HB-P1027 also features a self-regulating charger that prevents the battery from over-charging, which shortens the lifespan of other rechargeable batteries.