Posted March 10, 2016

Point of Rental Software Introduces ERP Solution

Point of Rental Elite is an ERP rental management software designed for large rental corporations as well as progressive businesses looking for customized programming. Scalable for any size company, the software fully integrates with other applications such as SalesForce, Rouse Analytics, SmartEquip, DocuSign, MicroSoft CRM, and AEMP Telematics.

por logoIn addition, by marrying Microsoft Dynamics ERP software with Point of Rental’s ERP solution, Rental Elite leverages the full power of Microsoft Dynamics for business analytics and accounting. Point of Rental CEO Wayne Harris that while large corporations are most likely to gravitate toward ERP solutions, Rental Elite is designed for any rental company that demands customized software.

It's primarily designed for forward-thiking companies that need "software tailored to fit the way they do business,” Harris said.