Turbo-Digger utility spade

Turbo-Digger is an industrial quality pneumatic utility spade that is a useful tool for various trades including builders, laborers and landscapers.

The tool has been ergonomically designed to allow easy working of substrate with reduced strain on the operator compared to simple manual tools. The benefits of Turbo-Digger are increased productivity, reduced risk of injury due to fatigue and reduced manhours on the job site.

Turbo-Digger can be supplied with different handle profiles as well as many different attachment tools that can be fitted to allow different tasks to be completed quickly. Some common uses are digging, trenching, root and branch cutting, hole digging, minor excavations, post hole digging, chiseling, minor demolitions (brickwork, concrete, masonry), wall and tile removal, asphalt removal, general earthworks and turf removal.

Tools are made from the finest steel and all tool attachments undergo special processes to ensure long life and consistent high performance. Turbo-Digger comes with a warranty.