Posted March 9, 2016

Two New Matting Systems for Temporary Roadways

Signature Systems Group introduced two matting systems for use on construction sites where temporary roadways or pedestrian access are needed. SignaRoad is a lighter weight mat that is 10 feet wide and that needs no bolts or screws to join mats. MegaDeck is a heavy duty mat for high-traffic job sites and will support heavy equipment over any terrain, the company says.

signaroad matting systemSignaRoad is a medium-duty, composite matting that can withstand heavy-haul loads. It's relatively lightweight for simplified handling and transportation and, at 10-feet wide can be used as a one-lane access mat for vehicles or pedestrians. It uses a cam lock connection system and has overlapping flanges for easy set-up and additional strength. It can be used on any terrain, including uneven surfaces, can be used hundreds of times and is easy to clean. 

Typical applications include portable roadways, ground protection, parking lots and staging areas for equipment, walkways and as a working platform for crews and equipment. One side of the mat is designed for pedestrian traffic, offering more traction, the other for vehicles.

On a per-mat basis, MegaDeck is twice the weight of the SignaRoad mat and requires equipment to put it in place. The company says it is the strongest composite mat on the market, has solid perimeter construction to eliminate fluid saturation and is designed with an aggressive traction. Panels lock in a variety of configurations using a T-bar tool; mats lay together seamlessly with a 12-inch flange that helps guide the mat into place.

The company says MegaDeck is a solution for oil and gas, power transmission and distribution, mining, trenching and shoring, disaster relief, public works, heavy haul and similar applications where a system is needed to support heavy equipment over any terrain and in any climate. 

You can find the company's website here.