Posted March 9, 2016

Genie's New All-Electric, Articulating Boom 

Terex AWP has rolled out its first all-electric Genie Z-boom lift. With its zero-emissions operation, the lift offers quiet, environmentally-friendly operation combined with the four-wheel drive performance of a traditional diesel-powered machine.

Genie-Z60_37DC-Articulating-BoomThe Z-60/37DC boom can handle a work day on just one charge, the company says. With its fast-recharging capability, it can take a full charge from a 110V wall power supply in less than 14 hours. The new model is designed "to take advantage of the strengths and history of our boom lift product line, to offer customers the right equation of maximized range of motion, real four-wheel drive abilities, quiet performance, energy efficiency, jobsite versatility and cost effectiveness, ”says Adam Hailey, Product Manager, Terex AWP. 

The boom is more than 5000 pounds lighter than the Genie Z-62/40 lift, adding additional flexibility to its indoor/outdoor operations capability. The lift has 59 ft 7 in. of platform height, 36 ft 7 in of horizontal outreach and 24 ft 3 in of up-and-over clearance. 

Its jib provides a high 70° up and 65° down range of motion, coupled with 160° of platform rotation, for refined positioning at the boom tip. The platform is available in 6 ft or 8 ft versions with a capacity of 500 lbs. Both platforms offer a side-entry swing gate and front sliding mid rail as standard. The 8 ft platform comes with an additional side sliding mid rail opposite the gate.

With its Genie FastMast system, the boom can be moved from full height to below grade and back with just one boom function. With the secondary fully elevated, the primary can reach all the way to the ground and then back to full height ─ the fastest way to 60 ft. The boom is drivable at full height. 

Its four-wheel drive design uses sealed AC drive motors that can perform while submerged in up to 3 ft of water. It also can go 25 percent faster and climb slopes better than typical diesel-powered units. Engineered with a proven drive and oscillating axle system, the Genie Z-60/37DC performs similarly to other Genie rough-terrain machines. It is equipped standard with all-terrain, non-marking tires for outdoor and indoor use.

Combining a narrow footprint with a tail swing of just 23 in with the boom elevated, this new all-electric articulating Genie unit can access confined areas. Combining a low machine weight of 16,600 lb with the advantages of a 26 ft 9 in stowed length, the boom is also as easy to transport on a standard truck