Posted March 8, 2016

JLG's New Power-Free EcoLift 

JLG introduced two new non-powered, low-level access lifts, the EcoLift 50 and EcoLift 70. The lifts have a patented stored power lift/lower system that requires no batteries, hydraulics, oil or controls. They require no set-up time and feature a sturdy base with automatic locking wheels.

JLG EcoLiftThe series is a "game changer in the rental industry," said Paul Kreutzwiser, JLG Industries global category director, scissors/verticals. “Extremely easy to operate and environmentally friendly," the lifts raise and lower with a near-effortless, one-handed turn of a wheel, shown below, according to people who tried the lift at The Rental Show last month. 

The lightweight lifts are easy to push around a job site and, at just under 28-inches wide, easily roll through standard doorways. They offer unlimited lift cycles and can be used around the clock, with no power requirements and no emissions to worry about.

The company says key applications will be for mechanical, electrical and HVAC contractors, drywallers, carpenters, and painters. It is also well suited for facility maintenance, cleaning, painting, and decorating in offices, schools, hospitals, and other institutional buildings.

The EcoLift 50 features a platform height of 4 feet 11 inches, working height of 10 feet 11 inches, and capacity of 330 pounds. Meanwhile, the EcoLift 70 offers a platform height of 7 feet 2.5 inches, working height of 13 feet 2.5 inches, and capacity of 330 pounds. You can find more information here. 

elevation wheel on eco lift