Husqvarna FS 7000 D flat saw

Husqvarna's two new flat saws, the FS 7000 D and FS 5000 D, are equipped with low emission engines and a diesel oxidation catalyst (FS 7000 D) or particle filters (FS 5000 D) to comply with Tier 4 Final/Stage III B emission regulations.

These new flat saws also boast improved productivity and reliability over Husqvarna’s already high standards for flat saws.

The FS 7000 D and FS 5000 D are powerful, reliable and perfect for small to mid-size jobs that require high production rates. Their power makes them extremely versatile and productive. The engines of both saws are electronically controlled and have digital displays, which enables all the important functions to be monitored easily. The display enables the user to have control over all the machines’ functions and performance.

The E-track system has an integrated reset function in the display, which makes it easier to produce a straight cut.

Just like all Husqvarna machines, the new flat saws were developed with a clear focus on ergonomics. The controls were positioned in an ergonomic way to help aid easy, intuitive operation. The saws are equipped with a digital control that enables users to monitor and make adjustments while cutting. This makes the flat saws even more user friendly and productive.