Barreto 30SG stump grinder

The 1,670-lb. frame on the all-new Barreto 30SG stump grinder keeps the unit stable and in proper contact with the stump.

The track system features a true skid steer-style drive and provides excellent maneuverability, allowing the operator to easily transport the unit to and from the work site. Intuitive controls provide one control for each track and a joy stick to control all cutting head functions

The all-hydraulic, center-mount cutting wheel is 19.25 inches in diameter and provides a 135-degree sweep. The hydraulic direct drive eliminates the need for expensive drive belts. A brake on the cutting wheel makes for safer operation. The unit will easily fit through 36-inch gates. The open and accessible body style allows for easy service and maintenance. A low center of gravity helps the stability of the unit on uneven terrain.