Posted February 19, 2016

Three New Compact Excavators from JCB

JCB is releasing three additional compact excavator models with operating weights from 10,000 lbs – 12,500 lbs. These latest JCB compact excavators are available in conventional and zero tailswing configurations.

JCB COMPACT EXCAVATORKey features include:

  • 500 hour greasing intervals
  • Improved cab instrumentation
  • 18% increase in 57C operator’s cab capacity
  • 11% improvement in visibility
  • 9% boost to bucket breakout
  • 5% additional dump height
  • 2% more powerful bucket breakout force 

The new models are the 48Z-1, which replaces the previous 8045Z; the 55Z-1, which takes over from the 8055ZTS/RTS; and a completely new 57C-1 model. All three have 100 percent steel bodywork and sturdy, four-plate dipper arm construction.

The digging end is 100 percent bushed, leading to extended 500-hour greasing intervals. JCB has redesigned the pin pick-up points to be compatible with a variety of bucket brands, while optional hydraulic or manual quick hitches can be specified for faster attachment changes. 

The excavators feature a redesigned digging end, with a longer main boom and shorter dipper arm, to provide up to 5 percent greater dump height. The upgraded hydraulic system delivers up to 9 percent more bucket breakout force and 2 percent higher dipper arm breakout, boosting performance and productivity.

The excavators feature an improved operator’s cab, with the 57C-1 using the same structure as JCB's larger 22,000 lb. machine. The cab is 18 percentmore spacious and offers up to 11 percent more visibility, improving both comfort and site safety. 

A new display screen and control system with an automotive-style rotary dial allow easy access to a host of systems and information. The cab is offered with a new soft button switch panel to control auxiliary flow settings, working lights, beacon, wipers and JCB’s 2Go additional hydraulic activation safety system. 

Otional Safe Lift feature, complete with an integral Lift Overload warning system, incorporates a green-amber-red graphic in the new monitor panel, with an audible warning that sounds if the machine approaches overload. 

An electro-hydraulic dozer control lever, with up to three buttons in the head to control two-speed tracking, dozer float and a four-way adjustable dozer blade where fitted enhances productivity. The sturdy, ergonomically designed lever has a large diameter and improved resistance to deliver improved response and more accurate control on rough ground. Separate buttons in the control lever head activate the machines’ standard ‘auto kick-down’ two-speed tracking, along with optional dozer float and four-way blade control.

All three excavators come with a Tier 4 Final, no-DPF engine from JCB by Kohler. The engine produces 48 hp and 225Nm gross torque.

Access to the engine has been improved thanks to wide-opening steel canopies at the rear and to the side of the machine. The new cab also features a removable floor section, requiring no tools to access major hydraulic components. A fully bushed dig end with 500-hour greasing intervals also reduces downtime and daily maintenance, reducing total cost of ownership and increasing productivity.