Posted February 17, 2015

Doosan Wedge Lock Thumbs

Doosan has expanded the versatility of its excavators with the addition of eight main pin thumbs and seven pro-link wedge lock thumbs that are compatible with wedge lock attachments.

web Doosan_wedge_lock_thumb_3The new Doosan thumb attachments are compatible with the wedge lock buckets and quick couplers, and give more flexibility to operators who use the wedge lock couplers.The thumb attachments work with multiple bucket widths ranging from 23 to 60 inches, depending on the thumb type, to help maintain the load when operating Doosan DX63-3 to DX350LC-5 excavators.

The hydraulic and pro-link wedge lock thumbs have the same characteristics as the non-wedge lock style thumb, enabling precise movement and positioning. When not in use, the thumbs retract, making the attachments excellent for demolition, site preparation and land-clearing applications.

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