Posted February 6, 2014

General Equipment 300 Series hole diggers

General Equipment’s 300 Series professional hole diggers provide the performance and power needed to handle heavy-duty digging projects, from commercial fencing to upscale landscaping.

general equipment augerA four-cycle, 3,600-rpm Honda GXV160 5.5-horsepower gasoline engine powers the series, and a Lo Tone muffler reduces operating sound. A resistor-type spark plug helps with starting. To increase operator control, a rugged and durable Magura twist-grip throttle is positioned to maximize hand and arm strength. The heavy-duty, spring-return throttle provides precise control within the operator’s hand.

Multiple driveshaft options make the 300 Series adaptable to competitive augers so that existing inventories can easily be accommodated. The 330H auger features a 1-3/8-inch hexagon General driveshaft auger connection. The 343H uses a 7/8-inch square Ground Hog-type connection, and a Stihl-type connection is used on the 357H. Numerous auger size options also are available, with diameters between 2 and 18 inches. Adding full-length, flighted auger extensions can increase the standard 3-foot drilling depth.

General’s exclusive, patented transmission design features a totally enclosed oil-lubricated spur gear reduction. The precision machine-cut spur gears deliver unequaled torque and horsepower to the auger, pushing the unit to a maximum 190 foot-pounds. The all-metal centrifugal clutches are oil-cooled to extend service life and have been designed to slip should the machine’s capabilities become overloaded. This ability to partially disengage will prevent damage to the auger and maximize operator safety during an overload situation or upon sudden contact with buried obstructions.

General’s Pengo-type, cast-steel boring head configuration provides the most aggressive design available for use in difficult soil conditions. Cast-steel screw bits and forged-steel teeth contribute to the auger’s versatility in a wide cross-section of soil compositions. Additionally, each auger’s flighting pitch is set to drill cleaner holes in granular soils, producing more usable holes.

Designed with operator comfort in mind, each 300 Series hole digger features ergonomically positioned Comfort-Flex handles that absorb vibration while enhancing operator control and minimizing fatigue. Additionally, the high-strength composite Comfort-Flex material helps to insulate the operator should the auger come into contact with underground power sources. An ultraviolet inhibitor built into the material minimizes sunlight’s damaging effects.

Built for long service life under heavy-duty use on construction sites, the 300 Series offers durable parts that require minimal maintenance. Thick, cross-sectioned helicoids or sectional auger flighting delivers maximum strength and wear resistance. The high capacity Timken bearings require little maintenance, and all wear parts on the auger head are field replaceable.