Posted February 2, 2016

Power Pusher Slurry Tub Attachment for Electric Wheelbarrow

Power Pusher has designed a concrete industry-specific "slurry tub" for its E750 electric wheelbarrow. The poly tub can hold a quarter-yard of liquid concrete while minimizing material loss during transport.

w E-750SlurryTubAttachementPowerPusher2The machine is durable, easy to clean, and small enougt to fit through a 32-inch wide door. The E-750 offers push-botton unloading and ergonomic design to help increase productivity and help move material safely and efficiently. Electric power allows indoor use as well as outdoor. The quick change attachment system adds versatility with attachment options such as a ball hitch or push pad. 

The electric motor is powered by a rechargeable 24V battery and can provide five miles of travel on one charge. Travel speed is 4 mph. 

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