Posted February 1, 2016

Hypertherm Offers Plasma System With Generator, Compressor

Hypertherm Freedom 38 PPA is an all-in-one unit combining plasma, power and air for cutting in areas without access to electricity. The setup includes the Powermax 125 plasma system, a 38kW generator and an air compressor. 

Hypertherm 38 PPA

The company says the advantages of the system for users who need to cut metal in areas with no power include the simplicity of operating one unit instead of three; replace current methods (oxyfuel cutting, grinding, and carbon arc gouging) with a more productive, versatile and safer process; and eliminating the cost of renting and transporting flammable gas cylinders.

Cut capacity for the included Powermax125 plasma system is 1-1/2 inches at a speed of 18 inches per minute and 1 ¾ inches when cutting at a speed of 10 inches per minute. The system is capable of severing 2 ¼-inch thick material if needed. 

Applications include pipeline construction and repair, deconstruction, decommissioning and plant shutdown, said Russ Diefenbach, Hypertherm’s Light Industrial product manager. Customers appreciate the ability to use plasma in lieu of oxyfuel and carbon arc gouging, and with the productivity the system offers, he added. 

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