Posted January 29, 2015

Ditch Witch Introduces New Footings Machine

Ditch Witch introduces the SK850 footings machine designed to create trenches up to 16 inches wide and up to 36 inches deep for slab construction on residential and commercial jobsites.


With its specialized, heavy-duty chain and Tier 4, 37-hp diesel engine, the SK850 creates cleaner, more consistent trenches than an excavator can, and in less time, according to the company. The compact machine can be more productive in tight jobsites, and can trench from either a centerline or offset position, so the operator can dig right up to the backer board. With 43 inches of track on ground, the SK850 footings machine also has the stability to effectively cross-trench.

The footings trencher attachment mounts directly to the frame of the new SK850, the Ditch Witch organization’s most powerful mini skid steer, Other features include: :

  • A 74-sq-inch platform that is larger and provides more ground clearance than other mini skid steers in its class.
  • An ergonomic operator’s station that offers comfort and efficiency, featuring dual-lever ground drive controls and an advanced monochrome, in-dash LCD display for engine diagnostics.
  • Standard auto-throttle—incorporated into the new LCD display—that reduces engine throttle when there is no load on the engine.
  • An auxiliary control foot pedal to help maintain hydraulic flow to the trencher, freeing the operator’s hands to control depth and ground speed.

Click here for more information on the new SK850 footings machine.