Posted January 23, 2015

Wacker Neuson Hydraulic Ride-on Trowel

Wacker Neuson has upgraded its 10-foot hydraulic ride-on trowel with a more powerful Tier 4 final engine and heavy-duty hydraulic cooling system.

WN ride on CRT 60-74L Contactors can use this trowel to pan the floors “tight” in high ambient air temperatures. The new CRT 60-74L is powered by a 74-hp Kohler, non-DPF Tier 4 final engine. The boost in horsepower provides for better finishing by providing a stable, consistent engine and blade speed. The CRT 60-74L can easily maintain blade speed under a high load finishing condition. The improved hydraulic drive system includes a cooler to the open loop hydraulic system that keeps the overall hydraulic system temperature down, improving performance and the life of the machine.

Wacker Neuson’s CRT 60-74L uses a newly-added gyro assisted steering to compensate for any unwanted machine rotation and allows the operator to stay on a steady course with less fatigue. The unit continues to feature a patented power steering system that makes operation more comfortable and the trowel more responsive. The dual mode system allows the operators to select the response of the joysticks to meet their preference and best suit the concrete condition.

The patented engine power regulation system continues to be an important feature of Wacker Neuson’s ten foot professional rider. Similar to an automatic transmission in a car, this innovative system will constantly monitor engine speed and adjusts the hydraulic load, allowing the unit to seamlessly run at optimal engine and blade speed for maximum power input to the concrete.

Other features that concrete finishers will appreciate include the patented built-in hydraulic wheel kit. This is a real time saver by allowing operators to easily raise the machine on the front and back wheels to changes blades or install pans without the need of a forklift or cranes. The built-in system also allows for easier movement around the job site or shop. Operator comfort features include an electronic cruise control, adjustable seat, plenty of legroom, ergonomically positioned arm rests and simple joy stick controls, fully hydraulic blade pitch, six working lights and utility out provide for tireless operation.

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