Posted January 22, 2015

Deere's New Heavyweight Dozer

Deere's new 1050K Crawler Dozer is the largest, most powerful ever built by the company, leveraging years of research and customer feedback to create a durable, reliable productive machine for large-scale applications. 

"The 1050K is a new generation of crawler dozer that provides the uptime, low daily operating costs, and productivity needed on today’s jobsite,” said Mark Oliver, crawler dozers product marketing manager, John Deere Construction & Forestry. “Customer feedback was vital in developing this game-changing dozer. This is a Deere-designed machine that is fully supported by John Deere dealers and it’s unlike any crawler dozer our customers have ever seen in this size class.”  

web JD_1050K_1The 1050K incorporates an EPA Final Tier 4/ EU Stage IV PowerTech diesel engine with 350 hp. Completely redesigned from the ground up, the dual-path hydrostatic transmission allows an operator to push a full load through turns without losing material, unlike machines using torque-converter transmissions.

The 1050K features Eco mode to optimize fuel economy while maintaining ground speed by automatically adjusting engine speed and transmission settings based on load. This has the potential to reduce fuel consumption up to 25 percent with no loss in productivity in many applications.

Diesel particulate filter (DPF) cleaning occurs automatically with no impact to machine operation. Ash service intervals for the diesel particulate filter are condition-based, meaning the machine will notify the operator before service is required. Extensive testing allowed John Deere’s DPF to go up to 15,000 hours before ash removal. T

The heavy-duty undercarriage is sealed, lubricated, and built to last. Its oval-track design has only one wear-causing forward-travel flex point, for longer life. One-piece welded maintenance resists torsional stress, absorbs shock loads, and delivers maximum strength while allowing easy service access to major components. For added durability, heavy-duty double-reduction planetary final drives are mounted independent of the track frames, where they’re effectively protected from shock loads.

Inside the cab, a deluxe suspension high-back seat is angled 15 degrees to provide a more comfortable view of the ripper and adjusts seven ways for daylong comfort. An updated LCD display monitor provides enhanced onboard diagnostics with real time values for every temperature, pressure, and speed sensor on the machine. The crawler dozers constantly monitor transmission temperature to avoid damage to the hydrostat system. 

Controls can be customized to meet the individual needs of an operator. The decelerator can slow both ground-speed and engine RPM, or with the touch of a button, control ground-speed only, to help maintain traction without affecting engine power and hydraulic response. Fully depressing the pedal applies the brakes.

With standard Electro-Hydraulic (EH) controls, all 1050K dozers are grade-control ready making adding a grade-control system as easy as plugging in the components, calibrating, and going to work.

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