Posted January 19, 2015

Lackmond Wet Drilling Core Bit System

Lackmond's Extend-A-Tube wet drilling core bit system can help eliminate the need for custom concrete-drilling core bits, the company says. Its new product allows your concrete contractor customers to drill deeper without the need for a custom-built bit. 

Lackmond-Extend-A-TubeThe Lackmond Extend-A-Tube delivers a system that allows for quick and easy extended depth drilling applications. The precision-machined thread-on caps add an additional 12-in. to the drill tube length. The machined cap-to-tube connection ensures that bits run correctly and eliminates lateral run-out due to improperly seated or unevenly welded bit caps.

Additional 12-in. tube extensions can be quickly threaded on to extend the standard bit length of 15-in. to a 27-in. capacity
with just one-tube connection.