Posted January 15, 2015

Dynapac Equipment Upgrades

Atlas Copco has upgraded and reintroduced its Dynapac road construction equipment line. Steve Cole, Dynapac business line manager, said Atlas Copco has focused on operator comfort, safety and visibility with each new Dynapac model. 

AtlasCopco_CA1300“We like to say we look at things from where our customers are sitting,” he said. “That means we put ourselves in operators’ boots and develop solutions based on what will be safest and work best for them. The results are machines that are ergonomically aligned with users and allow them to be as productive as possible every single shift.”

Features that enhance visibility or operator comfort are incorporated into all Atlas Copco-Dynapac equipment, most notably in the latest pavers and rollers. On the F1000 series paver, for example, the low-profile deck and two, swing-out operator platforms give the operator the best visibility around the machine, and the controls feature system-grouped switches that minimize operator fatigue during long work shifts. The new soil rollers, including the CA1300 and CA1500, have superior gradability, which allows operators to comfortably travel backwards and forwards up steep inclines. Atlas Copco engineers are also wrapping up their latest advancements in intelligent compaction technology that will be revealed in March 2015 during World of Asphalt at booth 2514.  

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