Posted January 15, 2015

New Rammers from Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco recently introduced two new rammers, the new LT5005 and LT6005, featuring ultra-slim bodies, ideal for getting closer to structures and through narrow spaces, and delivering high centrifugal force and speed for deep, effective compaction. 

Web AC-LT6005-leftAt 6-in.wide, the LT5005 is 3-in. smaller than its predecessor and the LT6005 is 9-in. wide, 2-in. shorter than the previous model. These slim designs enable operators to easily compact cohesive and granular soils in confined spaces, and close to walls or posts.

A rubber isolator on each side of the handle absorbs vibrations that would otherwise be transmitted to the operator. The rammers also feature a single lifting point that allows users to easily move them from hard-to-reach spaces with large machinery. The rammers are equipped with a Honda GXR120 engine that features an overhead camshaft and timing belt that operate with minimal noise. Both models include an oil alert LED indicator and a throttle control with three fixed positions, stop, idle and run.

“The slimmer profile and reduced weight truly improve the machines’ handling in tight spaces, allowing workers to get into areas they couldn’t before,” says Darrell Engle, product development specialist.  

An air filter indicator and hour meter are available options. Click here for more information