Posted January 14, 2015

Hyundai Introduces New Compact Radius Excavator

Hyundai is showing its new R60CR-9A compact radius excavator at the World of Concrete.  This versatile, nimble machine is designed for tight, confined job sites.

The machine is eqiupment with a 63 hp Tier 4 Final Yanmar engine. It has an operating weight of 13,010 lbs, bucket breakout force of 9,190 lbf., maximum dig depth of 11 ft. 9 in. Bucket capacity is 0.24 cu. yds., tail swing radius is 3.7 ft. 

hyundai compact radius excavatorThe machine's advanced hydraulic system features optimized matching between the joystick and main control valve to improve smoothness of operation.  An arm flow summation system provides energy savings, reduced cavitation and increased speed.  To improve safety and avoid boom drift, the R60CR-9A is equipped with an integrated boom holding system.  The R60CR-9A’s boom swing function allows the boom to be offset left or right within an operating range, making for efficient work in congested areas.  Other features include a hydraulic damper in the travel pedal and a hydraulically lubricated swing reducer with a leak-free grease chamber. 

Other features include improved structure strength, roomy and ergonomically-designed cabin, with a suspension seat, adjustable arm rests, easily accessible control levers, multiple storage compartments and automatic air conditioning.

The R60CR-9A comes standard with an advanced LED monitor that displays engine rpm, engine oil temperature, water temperature and information for all electronic devices.  Button selections are provided for auto idle mode, max power mode and travel speed.  A security feature is also provided to prevent the machine from starting without a proper password.

A newly-designed wide open engine hood, easy change air filter, centralized grease fittings, and a tilting cabin make for convenient, hassle-free servicing.