Posted January 8, 2015

New Hydraulic Power Source from Little Beaver

The newly redesigned PS-20HC is the latest addition to Little Beaver’s line of hydraulic power sources, using a Honda GX630 engine and delivering 10-gpm hydraulic flow, it can power hydraulic hand tools or equipment for extended periods.

site LittleBeaverInc_PS-20HCThe power source’s 5-gal. hydraulic oil reservoir is twice the size of the previous model and uses a larger radiator and electric fan to reduce the heat generated from the 10-gpm flow. This allows it to deliver power for Little Beaver’s Big Beaver auger drill rig or one of its Lone Star Drill rigs and a range of other hydraulic tools, such as jackhammers, chain saws, and post drivers.

Little Beaver also offers the PS-20HC with a Kohler diesel engine for remote sites where diesel is more available than gasoline. 

The PS-20HC is an environmentally sound hydraulic power source for markets with strict, clean air regulations. Non-permeable fuel tanks and fuel lines, a vapor recovery system and a special, ratcheting gas cap prevent harmful volatile organic compounds found in gasoline and diesel fuel from escaping the PS-20HC. Little Beaver also offers an optional charcoal recovery canister that captures additional particulates and meets California EPA emission standards.

The PS-20HC comes mounted to a three-wheeled steel carriage for easy maneuverability to, from and around the job site.