Posted January 8, 2015

Hy-Brid Lifts New Low-Level Lift

Custom Equipment has introduced a new model to its Hy-Brid Lifts line of low-level access scissor lifts. The new, lightweight HB-P527 push-around lift offers your contractor customers a safe, efficient alternative to ladders on a variety of projects, such as electrical, ductwork and lighting, and in locations as diverse as offices, industrial plants, shopping malls and warehouses.

cei hybrid liftsThe HB-P527 weighs 575 lbs.and provides a working height of 11.25 ft. The lift supports up to 333 lbs. of personnel, tools and material, and an access gate swings completely so users can step up and onto the platform and easily load heavy, awkward materials like ductwork and drywall.

With wheel loads as low as 115 psi, operators can work in spaces typically reserved for ladders, such as mezzanines, data centers and hospitals with raised floors. They also can push the lightweight lift easily, and with its zero-turn radius, they can move the HB-P527 through confined spaces and around tight corners without difficulty.

The ANSI/CSA-compliant HB-P527 minimizes the risk of worksite injuries. With its low entry height of 20.28-in., the unit provides easy access to the platform with one step. Because users do not have to climb up and down ladders, fatigue and knee strain due to repetitive motion are reduced, and the railing-encompassed platform nearly eliminates the potential for falls. The 22-by-37-in. platform is encircled by toeboards to prevent tools or materials from falling off the lift. 

The HB-P527 features1-in. pins to enhance stability and reduce scissor sway associated with smaller pins that are typically used on push model lifts. The enhanced stability means operators can confidently work on the elevated surface without steadying themselves.

Custom Equipment uses finite element analysis software to test its designs before building all of its lifts, including the HB-P527. This process allows the company to use a stronger, higher grade of steel so less material is required. The results are lifts that are lighter than many other push models. In addition, the program identifies stress points so they can be reinforced without adding unnecessary weight.

Custom Equipment designed the HB-P527 with an integrated single hydraulic lift cylinder instead of hydraulic hoses to eliminate the risk of leaks. This minimizes the potential for floor damage and safety hazards, and provides a clean system for operating indoors in either finished or unfinished environments. The lift also is equipped with non-marking wheels to prevent scuffs on finished floors.

The model's scissor stack operates smoothly and doesn’t require greasing. The unit is equipped with an absorbent glass mat (AGM) battery that makes it virtually maintenance free and its charger prevents overcharging the battery.

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