Posted January 7, 2016

Little Beaver Anchoring Equipment is Portable, Efficient

Little Beaver’s anchoring equipment includes an 11-horsepower hydraulic drill, a high-torque handle and an anchoring adapter. The machine can install an anchor, such as those used to secure light towers, in about a minute. 

LITTLE BEAVER ANCHORING EQUPThe drill’s compact body and portable hydraulic power pack make it easy to anchor in remote locations and cramped worksites. Rather than transporting an air compressor or generator, Little Beaver’s unit is powered by a hydraulic power pack on a three-wheeled steel carriage. A Honda gas engine or Kohler diesel engine powers the pack’s hydraulic pump, providing the drill, or any other hydraulic hand tool, with a flow rate of 6 gpm. Because the power pack is self-contained, there’s minimal risk of fuel and hydraulic oil leaks. 

The drill maximizes productivity with its easy-to-use controls; simply move the positioning lever between forward, neutral or reverse. The reverse position makes removing anchors as easy as installing them. 

Little Beaver’s high-torque handle allows operators to drill a 6-foot-long anchor flush to the ground quickly. The handle generates 700 pound-feet of torque at 45 rpm, making it ideal for anchoring in most soils. It gives the operator complete control of the unit while drilling at the 10-15 degree angle typically required for optimal anchoring. Additionally, Little Beaver’s exclusive torque-tube design eliminates kickback, making anchoring safe for installers. 

Little Beaver also has anchoring accessories for specialty applications, such as securing mobile homes, installing flexible tubes for flood protection and pinning down tents for special events. 

Little Beaver’s anchoring equipment