Posted January 5, 2015

E-Z Drill's Concrete Drill Attachments

Model 210 equipment-mounted concrete drill attachments from E-Z Drill offer specially designed features for maximum productivity and low maintenance. The pneumatic attachments are ideal for full-depth road repair and patching projects. 

ez drill workingThe series consists of three models: the three-gang 210-3 EQ MT, four-gang 210-4 EQ MT and five-gang 210-5 EQ MT. All three are compatible with most models of backhoes and excavators, and are ideal for full-depth road repair and patching projects.

A user-friendly, easily accessible control panel is mounted on the drill to provide convenient operation from the ground. The units are capable of drilling 5/8- to 2-1/2-inch diameter holes, at a depth of 18 inches. Each drill motor requires a minimum of 100 cfm for operation, with a minimum of 300 cfm required to power the smallest unit in the series, the three-gang Model 210-3 EQ MT. To reduce air compressor requirements, an optional 120-gallon air tank is available.

Designed for quick, precise drill positioning, the 210 EQ MT drills feature a side-shift control. In contrast to similar equipment-mounted drills, the carrier operator is not required to position the unit in the exact drilling location. The drill must simply be placed in close proximity to the specified drilling area, and then can be quickly and easily adjusted to the target location with a toggle switch found on the control panel.

The side-shift feature further enhances productivity by allowing a second set of holes to be drilled without the need to move the drill, backhoe or excavator, provided holes are specified on 12-inch centers. Simply set the drill spacing at 24 inches, drill one set of holes, and engage the side shift. The unit will quickly and precisely move 12 inches to drill the second set, all without repositioning the drill or carrier. Drill spacing is adjustable up to 24-inches, and the drills offer lateral travel up to 14 inches.

To reduce operator effort and increase hole-drilling speed, the drills feature a “floating” bucket curl pins. Because the pins have a small range of motion, the drills can automatically level themselves. This eliminates the tedious and time-consuming process of manually leveling and positioning them with each movement.

For added convenience and productivity, the 210 EQ MT drills feature 360-degree rotation, which allows quick repositioning for drilling within the same patch. To enhance operator safety, the rotating feature includes a safety swivel lock. With the simple flip of a switch, the lock is activated and the drill is secured into place, ensuring safe transport and preventing potential harm to the operator.

A number of features have been incorporated into the 210 EQ MT drills to enhance durability and extend service life. Multi-point oil injection allows each drill to be lubricated individually from a single reservoir, ensuring each drill always has the proper amount of oil. This reduces wear on the motor and is more effective than a central oiling system, which doesn’t offer individual lubrication points. An automatic drill shut-off further extends individual drill life by preventing dry firing. 

The 210 EQ MT drills offer extra height adjustment to provide access to the center of a slab even in extreme asphalt overlay conditions. To complete the system, E-Z Drill offers a full line of drill bits and drill steel.